Authors do a lot of thinking, as it pertains to their stories, the shopping around for agents and publishers. Certainly, I’m no exception to this fact.

I’ve had my works published in various venues over the years, and have had two independent publishing companies choose two of my manuscripts to publish.  Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, the first of these publishers went out of business awhile back, the latter is due to close its doors by the end of 2016 due to crushing debt. Unfortunately, for every publisher you’ve heard of, there are literally hundreds of lesser known publishers out there, each vying for a piece of the pie.

After tremendous deliberation, I’ve finally decided to start my own publishing company; “Hang In There Books:” the name being sort of a play on my latest work in which the central character was hanged. It also reflects the dogged determination of an artist (yes, writing IS an art) in the pursuit of his or her dreams.

Right now, there is one word going through your mind: “why?”  Because us authors refuse to be defeated—and we refuse to coddle to the “pay us megabucks and we’ll make a movie out of your book” subsidy publisher who, after getting your money allows your work to languish in a closet, or worse, sends your precious work to the shredder.

However, I can’t do this alone--I'd appreciate your thoughts. 


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