Happy new year, everyone!  Over the next several months, you will notice some changes on the website.  Some will be subtle, others not so subtle.  This brings me to the subject of this blog; for one thing, the word "blog" is too generic--we need something catchy--like "Writer's Rap," or other catchy title.

At the last committee meeting, it was suggested to permanently close the comments because we were beginning to get a lot of spam.  I did as instructed and closed the comments; but I got to thinking about it and did some more investigating--the comments can be set to be approved before posting, and this is the option I feel is fair for everyone.  You shouldn't have to suffer through anymore inane postings advertising cheap essay writing or the like--henceforth, ALL comments will be reviewed before they go public on the site.  

We'd really love to hear your thoughts on a new title for the blog page.


01/25/2016 11:25am

As a member of CVWC, I like the idea you've expressed in "Going Forward," because as writers we are always moving forward --to the next poem, essay, short story, memoir chapter, article, or book. "Moving Forward," might work; or even "Write On," the name we use for our annual spring gathering and writing experience in Columbus.

02/02/2016 12:01pm

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