Welcome to the Chattahoochee Valley Writers Blog.

A new goal this year is to have this blog available to you to help you improve your writing skills.  

We also want you to allow us to feature short stories (really short stories) about you and your participation in the past conferences and how they have assisted you in your writing journey. We are planning to provide interviews with past participants and authors.  

Please let us know what you think, what you would like to read and see.  Let's make it fun and entertaining as we continue to grow.


12/28/2014 9:40pm

I am interested in the upcoming conference next year. By then I will have my first e-book published - Heralds of The Universe Fathers. A novel exploring the realities of a Unified Theory. I am interested in a networking opportunity and the prospect of being involved on some level with like minded Authors. Thanks, JW

03/29/2015 3:33pm

Congratulations on the publication of your book. If you are within driving distance of Columbus you might be interested in the Columbus Academy of Lifelong Learning programs for writers at the Elizabeth Bradley-Turner building on the campus of Columbus State University. Classes start at 10 am on Thursdays during the (6 week) quarters. This quarter starts April 2nd. Cost is $60.

04/24/2015 9:38am

Waiting for new interviews with past participants and authors)

06/19/2015 2:01am

Thank you for creating this blog for old, new and struggling writers. With writing, learning doesn't stop. There are always new things, new tips and new ways to learn. As a writer, keeping yourself up to date is one way to not let get lose along the way, to keep in touch with your audience, and to attract new readers to your work. I'm glad there are sites like this who are unselfishness in their efforts and objectives to help fellow writers.

08/04/2015 6:04am


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09/03/2015 8:43am

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10/26/2015 10:22am

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10/30/2015 2:19am

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11/07/2015 6:08am

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01/05/2016 9:48am

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01/13/2016 1:35pm

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