Publishing a manuscript to get it out in the public eye has its rewards.  It also can deliver a lump or two--not just the little things along the way, but much later...when the reviews start coming in (if you can even get reviews).

I was reminded of this fact only yesterday, as I looked on Amazon, smiling at three five-star reviews for my latest work--and in the mix, wouldn't you know it, one, one star review..."What, ONE star??" I thought to myself...then uttered a string of obscenities that I shall not repeat here.

Reading this one review reminded me of a valuable fact:  reviews are subjective--and sometimes they're colored by the admiration a reader has for the author.  Then there are those who enjoy the cloak of anonymity; this gives them a false sense of power--that they can with a few words, either support or condemn the work as "rubbish."  Then you have those who see a work with a few great reviews and they decide to screw up the rating by trashing the work, no matter if they've read it, or not.

"Take your lumps, son." I can hear my parent's voices echo in my mind.

I cracked a smile and laughed as I thought about it:  you can't have thin skin if you want your work read.

So give me two lumps, please.  That makes the coffee so much sweeter!!

The blog hasn't been too bloggish lately, has it?  Say, does anyone know the tune to "I have a great idea and I'd like to share it with you?"  Go ahead, think about it, I'll wait...

Our lack of presence here can only mean one thing:  we're working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring you great events and useful, informative & fun workshops.  The upcoming Writers Convention as it looks now, is going to be so full of events during weekend come September 23 & 24, it may burst! Come to think of it, that sort of matches my waistline...

We are here, make no mistake...and we're not going anywhere--so don't you go anywhere, unless it's to one of our great events!!

Happy new year, everyone!  Over the next several months, you will notice some changes on the website.  Some will be subtle, others not so subtle.  This brings me to the subject of this blog; for one thing, the word "blog" is too generic--we need something catchy--like "Writer's Rap," or other catchy title.

At the last committee meeting, it was suggested to permanently close the comments because we were beginning to get a lot of spam.  I did as instructed and closed the comments; but I got to thinking about it and did some more investigating--the comments can be set to be approved before posting, and this is the option I feel is fair for everyone.  You shouldn't have to suffer through anymore inane postings advertising cheap essay writing or the like--henceforth, ALL comments will be reviewed before they go public on the site.  

We'd really love to hear your thoughts on a new title for the blog page.